ISIS attacks Mosul

ISIS has killed hundreds in Mosul, resulting in thousands of families to flee their homes.

ISIS excucated at least 284 men and boys in the city of Iraqi city of Mosul and nearby cities. The victims bodies where dumped in a mass grave, after allegedly being used as human shields.

Anonymous Iraqi intelligence told CNN, that the victims, children among them, were all shot dead on Thursday and Friday. 

The United Nations (UN) are “gravely worried” over human shield use, reported on Friday. Reports suggest that ISIS has abducted 550 families from villages around Mosul for human shield use. 

“There’s is a grave danger that (ISIS) fighters will not only use such vulnerable people as human shields but may opt to kill then rather than see them liberated” the UN official said. 

Earlier this week, Iraqi forces and their allies launched a major offensive to reclaim the city. If the operation is successful, Mosul would be the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq to fall. 

Recent reports have shown the impact of the indiscriminate acts that ISIS have conducted against Mosul. 3,900 Iraqis have been displaced as the operation to save Mosul from ISIS intensifies. Many families have walked for hours.  

UNCHR is able to provide shelter for 60,000 people. 

“Our situation is tragic, there’s noting left for us. No jobs, no work, nothing. We were all sitting around. Our life is difficult.” Shams Mahd, Iraqi refugee says. 


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